When Mr. Latchman visited India in search of roots

This is story of Mr. Less Latchman, a man of Indian origin living in South Africa and educated in California. Mr. Less Latchman came to India in the first week of March 2020 with his two sons and father. He came to India on a special mission. Three generations of Mr. Latchman's family were wandering in search of their ancestral village in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Latchman promised his father that he would take him to the ground of their ancestors on his birthday. The biggest obstacle to Latchman's mission was language. The family was of Indian origin, but they did not know Hindi. Taking some documents related to his roots, he spent two days searching for his village in the northwestern region of Gorakhpur district, but was not successful. There was no one here to understand their language. On the Internet, he looked for someone multilingual. It was a happy coincidence that the team of Prolingo Editors had a chance to help Mr. Latchman. Our competent interpreter ascertained the name of the village of his ancestors from documents held by Mr. Latchman. After talking to the locals, it was found that the village of that name is part of the present Sant Kabir Nagar district. Our team reached the village carrying Mr. Latchman, his father, two sons. Now there was neither a language barrier nor a disorientation of direction. Arriving at that village, Mr. Latchman, his father and both sons became emotional. No information about Mr. Latchman's ancestors was recorded in memory of the old people present in the village. But it was decided that the village was the land of Mr. Latchman's ancestors. The team of Prolingo Editors felt blessed by being the bridge of dialogue between the local language and English. Mr. Latchman, who reached the hotel in Gorakhpur after spending the whole day in the village, thanked our team and we also invited him to visit his land again by presenting him a bouquet. Our experience of communicating with the people who reached their land from across the seven seas was very impressive. In this journey, Prolingo Editors not only played the role of an interpreter, but also felt the warmth of the relationship. It is relevant to mention here that Mr. Latchman's ancestors were taken to South Africa in 1920 as GIRMITIYA MAJDOOR.


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