ProLingo Editors completes five years of illustrious journey

ProLingo Editors is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Localization Company
Senior journalist and director of the company Jagdish Lal cutting
the cake on completion of five years of the company.

ProLingo Editors
, an organization started with the objective of providing language related services in remote areas, has completed five years of its establishment. 
On this occasion, the directors of the organization Mr. Jagdish Lal Srivastava and Neelam Srivastava cut the cake and congratulated.

People living in remote areas of the country have to contact organizations located in big cities for language related services. With the aim of solving these needs of the needy, the foundation of the organization 'ProLingo Editors' was laid in the year 2017.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary, the director of the organization said that in these five years, the organization helped people living in relatively less developed areas of Uttar Pradesh with language related services.

Be it the language barrier in applying for visas to Arabian countries for employment or the language barrier in documents for youth to get admission in universities outside the country, the organization helped people.

On this occasion, Director Mrs. Neelam Srivastava said that the organization has been working for the last five years with professional services of providing quality translation of Indian language literature into foreign languages ​​and foreign language literature into Indian languages.

The diversity of languages ​​in the world is increasing day by day. In such a situation, maintaining the quality of translation is a big challenge. The ProLingo Editors team understands these challenges. 

Professional localization services have a long way to go. The team of ProLingo Editors is constantly working on improving their services.

On this occasion, a Antyaakshari of Hindi and English vocabulary was organized in the office of the organization.

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